Effective self-service solution for Danish companies

The Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) selected Systematic as a partner and supplier for a number of key systems, including the Central Business Register (CVR – Virksomhedsregisteret) as part of a comprehensive modernisation programme.


Cases Challenge

  • Need for modernisation of the entire IT portfolio
  • Desire to introduce new methods and new technology
  • Easier workflows for customers, via an effective self-service solution

Cases Solution

  • Service-oriented IT architecture
  • Use of open-source technologies
  • Use of agile development methods and Scrum

Cases Benefits

  • Modern, future-proof IT platform
  • User-friendly, webbased self-service solution
  • Stable, reliable system solution
  • Streamlining of workflows


In 2009, the Danish Business Authority initiated a comprehensive IT modernisation programme, which lasted until 2015. The reason for this lay in the trend towards a greater degree of digitisation and the use of self-service solutions.

The ambition was to create self-service solutions that are so user-friendly, intuitive and efficient that companies can become self-reliant to a much greater extent than previously – regardless of whether they wanted to set up a business, deliver a set of accounts or something else entirely.

Systematic as supplier

Systematic had previously delivered and serviced a range of system solutions for the Danish Business Authority, using its wide range of IT expertise, including business and needs assessments on the basis of IT architecture and security all the way on to user-friendly designed solutions, followed by the iterative process of prototypes, technical system solution development and testing through a sprint process.

These projects were completed with the delivery of documentation and the conduct of tests with final commissioning and handover to maintenance and support.

Central Business Register – CVR2

In the development of the Danish central business register, Systematic was responsible for clarification, design and implementation of the solution in close, agile cooperation with Danish Business Authority users. This made it possible to ensure high quality and reliable delivery via integrated, proactive quality assurance.

Maximum focus, simplification and the implementation of more efficient workflow were carried out in close collaboration with both end users and the Danish Business Authority.

The CVR2 supplied by Systematic established a national registry and reporting portal featuring effective self-service via ease of use.

Highlights include:

  • The self-service capability is easy to use, as a result of involving end users in the process
  • A system interface that supports automatic reporting as well as flexible updating
  • Creation and maintenance of core data relating to all those running a business, ensuring easy, rapid access to updated data
  • Software development based on the Scrum agile development method, in which development work constantly aims to provide the highest possible value/impact for the customer/user
  • Data extracts, individual setups, presentation and dissemination of statistical data, ensuring greater availability of key management information
  • Ongoing maintenance that ensures compliance with relevant new legislation as it emerges.
  • Systematic has supported and serviced the CVR2 setup since 2011, and the system continues to run well.

CVR Text

Danish Business Authority’s modernisation programme

The Danish Business Authority provides a range of different reports. These are being modernised continuously, while current solutions are phased out.

The modernisation programme will result in the vast majority of the manual registration processes being phased out. Customers of the Danish Business Authority will in future be able to enter the necessary data themselves. Data will also be reused between systems to a much greater extent than today. This makes it much easier and less time-consuming for companies to register and enter their data.

The modernisation programme is built around a series of projects that – each in their own way – contribute to achieving the goal of complete digitisation of customer contact in the Danish Business Authority.

Involving customers ensures the right solution

Danish Business Authority customers have been involved in the modernisation process. Several of the projects involved day-to-day users of the systems via measures that included interviews and user tests. This was partly to gain knowledge about the users actually want with regard to to new solutions, and partly to ensure that solutions are actually as user-friendly as intended.

Danish Business Authority’s customers among others have been particularly involved in the development of the business registration capabilities. The result is an online registration solution that makes it possible for the Agency’s customers to register and create a business digitally. In future, they will also be able to make a range of changes in this information online.

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