Launch IT solutions succesfully with professional assistance

Many sub-disciplines exist within the IT world, but one of the trickiest is the successful roll-out of large IT solutions.

Whether it happens towards the end of your project, or whether it takes place on an ongoing basis, the success of the roll-out depends on a huge number of factors – and a simple change early on in the process can impact the entire project.

It is therefore crucial that you focus on the roll-out from the outset – this you can be assured of at Systematic. We have extensive experience at implementing the wide-ranging roll-outs of large IT solutions – for example we rolled out a nationwide, municipal IT system in Denmark at a rate of two local authorities a week over a two-year period.

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Sound framework for good results

Poor implementation can be very costly, but they can also impact overall project satisfaction and the value-creating aspects of the solution.

Unfortunately, there are not enough adequate tools available to ensure agile roll-outs – so we developed our own. Our roll-out portal clearly visualises your specific process, and you and your team can also download manuals, schedules and continually communicate with your Systematic team.

The roll-out portal is your guarantee of effective communication throughout the entire process as well as providing a sound framework for good and well-thought-out roll-outs.

So contact us today to hear how together we can successfully implement your project.


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