Klasselotteriet future-proofs its lottery business in agile collaboration with Systematic

After a tender, Denmark’s oldest lottery Klasselotteriet, is ready to future-proof its business in collaboration with Systematic. Instead of devising a detailed specification requirement beforehand, the collaboration will be carried out as an agile collaboration meaning that the requirements for form and functionality can be adjusted during the project

Press release02 October 2012

After a tender, Danish Klasselotteriet and Systematic are now ready to collaborate on the development of a new business IT solution for the 250-year-old state lottery.

Systematic shall take over responsibility for the current lottery solution and in parallel, develop Klasselotteriet’s new lottery solution, which will gradually phase out the existing solution.
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”In selecting Systematic as a partner, it has been extremely important to us that Systematic can take over responsibility for the current lottery application and at the same time design a new, efficient solution that takes its point of departure from our business,” says Klasselotteriet Finance Director Sven Gillesberg. He adds: “The lottery application is in itself our business – it is our most important employee, working 24/7.

We’re certain that together with Systematic we can design and develop our new lottery application and thus future-proof our business.”

Klasselotteriet has selected to carry out the development project as an agile collaboration. Instead of a long development phase, development and commissioning will take place in parallel and over several phases; the advantages of this includes a process where the partners can adjust requirements for form and functionality on an ongoing basis. In short, build the architecture that is required – no more, no less.

“We’re certain that Systematic with its excellent experience in agile working methods can lead us securely through the project,” says Sven Gillesberg. He continues: “With the agile working method, we expect to get what we want instead of a copy of the current system, which would otherwise be a risk if we worked with a traditional specification requirement.”
“Klasselotteriet gets better return-on-investment because operating functionality is already running in the first partial delivery,” explains Systematic Vice President, Flemming Bent Thomsen. He adds: “In addition to offering financial advantages, the agile development method also helps to ensure that the customer actually gets the solution that meets his needs. Frequently, both the customer and the IT supplier learn what creates real value while the development is underway and the agile method takes this into account.”

About Klasselotteriet

Klasselotteriet is Denmark’s oldest lottery, created by King Frederick V of Denmark over 250 years ago. The lottery has been owned by the Danish state since 1771 and is now a state-owned public limited company. Over 400,000 people played the lottery in 2011/2012, accounting for a turnover of DKK 705 million, with a payout of more than 65%.