Systematic to develop central data nerve centre

KOMBIT has signed a contract with Systematic for the development and operation of a Service Platform that will take the digitisation of Denmark to a whole new level

Press release31 August 2012

A new Service Platform will make it easier and cheaper for the municipalities, ATP (pension investor) and Udbetaling Danmark (disbursement administrative organisation) to extract data from Denmark's many different data source systems.

KOMBIT TeaserCurrently, every single municipal system supplier must ensure that every single IT system is integrated with all of the correct source systems. In the future, the suppliers only have to ensure integration with the Service Platform, which itself is integrated with the source systems; for example the CPR register (Danish Civil Registration System), health insurance system and the OIS, the public information server in Denmark.

The solution will make it easier for small IT suppliers to bid on digital solution projects because only having to ensure integration with the service platform removes the burden of ensuring access to the relevant data and functionality which is frequently a heavy-going, time-demanding and thus expensive process.

Experienced and sound supplier

After a comprehensive bidding process, KOMBIT, the IT/project organisation owned by Local Government Denmark, selected IT company Systematic to develop and operate the future Service Platform.

Systematic has extensive experience in the development, test, implementation, operation and management of IT solutions. Systematic has developed and supplied solutions for SKAT (the Danish tax authority), the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency, Forsvaret (Danish armed forces), the Danish Regions, Danish National Police and leading companies operating in the energy, logistics and finance sectors.

Systematic is the only software company in Scandinavia to achieve Level 5 certification, the highest level of best practices defined by the international Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) model. This high level of maturity ensures a high degree of delivery reliability. Last year, Systematic delivered 93% of all project milestones on time.

"Naturally, we're very happy to have won such an exciting project, which will without doubt have a positive impact on the continued digitising of the public sector in Denmark," says Systematic Vice President Flemming Bent Thomsen.

"At the same time we're looking forward to undertaking another major agile development project in Denmark. With our combination of CMMI, LEAN and agile development principles, we have demonstrated that we can create extra value for business, not just for KOMBIT, but for all of the public authorities who will utilise the Service Platform," adds Flemming Bent Thomsen.

Delivery nine times

The contract between Systematic and KOMBIT lasts for four years, with the option of extending the contract by two years. The development process contains nine "work packages" and the first must be delivered by 20 December 2012. The first work package will include the basic platform and around 20 services for data and functionality will be available.

The functionality will be built up via the remaining eight work packages, and up to 150 relevant professional and source systems will be integrated with the service platform as part of the project. KOMBIT expects that the service platform will deliver data to around 500 different systems in the country's municipalities, ATP, and Udbetaling Danmark and in six years time it will receive 750 million queries per year.

Systematic has recently completed integration projects that included the digital registration of mortgages and DIADEM (effective dissemination of information on real estate in connection with real property transactions), and has developed an electronic patient journal which is in full use in Central Denmark Region hospitals.