Systematic helps SKAT to deal with recently liberalised gambling market

A solution that Systematic developed via an agile project process allows the Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT) to check that online gamblers in Denmark actually receive their winnings

Press release06 March 2012

As from 1 January this year, overseas gambling operators have been permitted to provide Danes with online caSkatsino games such as roulette, poker and bingo, and to accept bets from them on everything from sport and politics to the X Factor TV show. This signalled a lot of extra work for the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA). In the same way as this authority has previously monitored Danske Spil – the nationally licensed Danish gambling operation – it must now check up on the overseas gambling providers. Are they living up to the pay-out rates they advertise? Are they paying the correct duties? And are the gamblers actually receiving their winnings?

To help with the task, the Danish Gambling Authority uses a special gambling control system that processes data from online gambling providers all over the world. The solution was developed by Systematic, which won the contract last summer.
In recent years, Systematic has had considerable success splitting major IT projects into smaller areas focused on specific functionalities and then delivering these on an ongoing basis. This is one of the reasons why the DGA was in a position to deal with the new gambling market just three months after the project was launched.

Thomas Høineg Larsen, Chief Project Manager at SKAT:
“Everything went very quickly from the moment the initial exercises were completed until we had the software up and running, so we are extremely pleased with the Systematic process. We at SKAT have never worked in this way before, but we decided at an early stage that we needed to run this project differently. That is why the tender material we issued expressly asked suppliers to describe the project procedure from an agile perspective. The benefits are clear to see and we have picked up some valuable experience that we are sure to draw on in future.”

Flemming Bent Thomsen, Vice President at Systematic:

“Our focused and flexible way of developing software provides clients with a wealth of benefits. For example, in addition to allowing clients to see the value of having the first parts of their IT solution up and running relatively quickly, our project model is designed to promote a high level of client involvement in the development process. This means clients have the opportunity to make ongoing adjustments to their priorities and functionality requirements, in step with the knowledge that is inevitably acquired as all IT projects progress. Without this increasing the cost of the project. And without it affecting our capacity to deliver on time.”

Flemming Bent Thomsen goes on to highlight Systematic’s use of – and experience with – Lean and Scrum and the company’s CMMI certification as important prerequisites.

Systematic is certified to the fifth and highest level of the internationally recognised CMMI model, which is used to indicate how well a software company manages its projects. Systematic delivered 93 per cent of all milestones on time last year – and only 3 per cent were delayed by more than a week.

The Danish Gambling Authority is positioned under the Danish Ministry of Taxation, and development of the gambling control system is not the first assignment Systematic has handled for SKAT. Last year, the company developed a solution that assists SKAT in keeping track of VAT transactions on trade between EU countries. Thanks to this system, 30,000 companies had smoothly registered in the system within just one week. In this collaborative partnership, too, SKAT received its solution on time, at the agreed quality and within budget.