Systematic enters into agreement with SKAT (the Danish tax authority) on the digitisation of corporation taxes

As part of the Danish government's objective of establishing digital communication between companies and public authorities, small and major companies in the future will be able to report their tax returns and related information digitally

Press release09 September 2013

Systematic have entered into an agreement with SKAT where Systematic shall develop and subsequently operate a solution for the digitisation of corporation tax (DIAS). DIAS is the result of the government's objective of requiring companies to communicate with the authorities via digital communication.

The area of corporation tax is significantly streamlined

As citizens in Denmark, we view it as only natural that we can register our tax information digitally and subsequently communicate with SKAT via a digital self-service platform. However, the area of corporation tax, which is a central area in Danish business policy, is characterised by manual and laborious processes and currently, only 20% is covered by digitisation today.

DIAS will help to create a general streamlining of the corporation tax area. Once the digital support of the corporation tax area is completely implemented, companies will be able to process their annual tax returns completely digitally.

DIAS focuses on the needs of the user and creates an overview of tax rules

The objective of DIAS is to create an effective and user-friendly system that is targeted at meeting the needs of the actual work processes used by companies, consultants and SKAT. The benefits are more efficient procedures and administration, a simplification of companies' and consultants' tax administration tasks and an increased compliance with the relevant regulations. A better service overall.

"DIAS will be a well-functioning solution that will be simple to use. The functionality shall support the user, both in relation to fulfilling legal requirements and in solving its task. This applies to everyone, whether you're a company user or an employee at SKAT," says Systematic Group Senior Vice President Flemming B. Thomsen. He continues: "For example, registering must be attractive to use, for both companies and auditors and DIAS must support the daily work and processes of case handlers at SKAT."

Flexible support of existing and new legislation

Corporation tax law is relatively complex and develops on an ongoing basis. This means that a key requirement of SKAT is that DIAS must ensure legislation is complied with and that when it comes to administration, any changes made to the legislation in the future that have an impact on how companies register and calculate their corporation tax, are easy to deal with.

"DIAS will make it simple for SKAT to deal with future changes to the legislation. All dialogues about changes will be able to be implemented quickly and effectively with SKAT taking the lead, so that at all times, SKAT can have a true picture of the business rules that the solution is implementing," says Flemming B. Thomsen. 

Systematic have very successfully collaborated with SKAT on previously projects to develop IT solutions.