Milestone for the Joint Library System

Dantek/Systematic has now delivered the first system increment, which is a significant milestone in the overall rollout schedule. As planned, the Joint Library System achieved an initial launch, on a pilot-scheme basis, at the Horsens Municipality Libraries in early November.

What the media said12 November 2014

In March 2013, KOMBIT – along with 88 Danish municipalities – tendered for the contract for a new Joint Library System in Denmark. In August 2013, the contract was signed by Dantek A/S, which has since been acquired by Systematic. The plan is for the Joint Library System to be rolled out to all the 88 Danish municipalities involved in the project so far. There is also an ongoing dialogue with the remaining municipalities about them also being included.

KOMBIT has recently posted a news item (in Danish) about this pilot operation – read more

The Joint Library System

The system consists of a comprehensive library system for both public and school libraries. Among other things, this system is designed to support already existing collaboration within the Danish public library environment by encouraging cooperation on a number of common functionalities.

The system will pave the way for joint operations and system administration, and integrate with the Danish Digital Library.

Dantek – an independent business unit

Systematic acquired Dantek earlier this year. This acquisition makes Systematic the main supplier of digital library solutions in Denmark. When Dantek and Systematic deliver the new national Joint Library System to the Danish libraries in 2015, Systematic’s market share within digital library systems will be close to 90%. Dantek continues as an independent business unit in the Systematic Group.

Dantek News

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