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The path to better decision-making

When everything is connected and communicating, we create faster workflows, smarter processes and the basis for better decision-making.

The Internet of Things – or just IoT – has evolved almost overnight from being a distant fantasy into a real business driver. We help you identify the potential that exists within your organisation, and to realise it for greater efficiency, improved overview and better resource utilisation.

However, when everything is communicating, it soon becomes extremely complex. At Systematic, we work together to simplify business-critical processes and decisions – which is obviously reflected in our IoT solutions.

Among other things, we have optimised the logistics relating to hospital equipment and hospital porter services at a large number of Danish and foreign hospitals, and we are helping some of the world’s biggest offshore wind turbine operators to improve the planning and optimum utilisation of personnel, ships and helicopters.

These are areas where the requirements governing safety, reliability and accessibility are extremely high, and we obviously draw on this experience when designing your solution.

So, contact us to learn how we can help create user-friendly IoT solutions which ensure increased efficiency and solid source data for tomorrow’s decision-making. 


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