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Career development

People are the lifeblood of Systematic, and their talents and commitment are our most important asset

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of total labour costs are spent on education and training of employees
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Continuous development

At Systematic we prioritize employee development. We encourage our employees to acquire new skills as well as formal certification of their capabilities. We have a motto saying 'It is better to educate people and risk that they leave than do nothing and risk that they stay.' 

New employees often achieve one or more certifications within their first three months at Systematic – most being related to Microsoft, Java, and Oracle technologies. These equip them to participate in a wide range of projects. Systematic employees are also encouraged to take courses in more commercially oriented subjects, such as project finance and contract management.

In Systematic, you have the opportunity to choose what development means for you. Here you can choose whether you want to pursue a management track or a specialist track.

Development processes as agile in Systematic, just as all the other processes. We have two designated Development Talks every year as well as ongoing follow-ups and more informal discussions with the immediate manager each month. This process allows us to be flexible and adjust our development plans based on each employee’s needs and development pace.

Your professional and personal development should be closely linked to:

  • the demands and expectations to your current role
  • the strategic goals and values of Systematic
  • your talents and passion

The more we succeed in building the competencies that are the best fit within this frame, the better we can move Systematic forward as a company -  together.

The many talents in Systematic


of software developers in Systematic have a Ph.D. or master's degree

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