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Our culture and values

We make a difference by inspiring you to develop and be your best


Systematic employees having a scrum meeting

In Systematic, people come first. When we say we are a people-centric company, we mean that your well-being as an employee has a high priority for us as a company. If you do not grow both professionally and personally, we do not grow together as a company.  Systematic is a modern company with a Danish foundation and a global mindset. Highly trained, professionals and committed staff constitute the backbone of a knowledge-based company like ours.


Systematic team having a stan-up meeting

Simply stated, teamwork is about ‘less me and more we’. We value this principle both within the company but also when we are collaborating with our customers. Systematic is an international company with work processes built around projects and teams, and cooperation is a central feature of all our activities. Our customers are often located all over the world. It is important we work as team players and we do believe our goals only can be reached by working together.

Our shared values

Who you work for should reflect what you stand for. Our values play a key part in everything we do.


Making a difference

We are a creative company that stands out from the crowd.



Our company is built on personal and professional integrity.

Freedom with responsibility

We believe and trust in all the people we work with.


We strive to do the right thing in the right way.

Contributing to society

We contribute to the development of the places we call home.


We utilise our resources consciously and wisely.

Inside Systematic

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