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International Women’s Day 2022

A tribute to women choosing an IT career path

At Systematic, we are celebrating International Women’s Day 2022 by focusing on female colleagues who have chosen an IT career path in the hope they can inspire more women to follow them.

Women account for half of Denmark’s workforce – but for only one third of full-time employees in the private sector. In the IT industry, men account for 70% of employees, and against this background Systematic has signed up to the Confederation of Danish Industry’s Gender Diversity Pledge, which aims to create a more equal gender balance in the labour market. For us at Systematic, it is vital that we recruit the employees who are best qualified to perform the work. The fact is that the candidates for our IT technical positions are mainly men, which poses a significant challenge given that we also want diverse teams. Diversity in the workplace offers several advantages – for the company’s bottom line, for the working environment and for overall job satisfaction. Consequently, we are making a conscious effort to encourage more women to choose a career in software development.

This week we are paying tribute to the women who have done just that, and during March you will be able to meet some of them here.

Meet more inspirational female colleagues from Systematic

At Systematic, we are celebrating International Women’s Day 2022 by focusing on female colleagues who have chosen an IT career path in the hope they can inspire more women to follow them.

More than 1000 dedicated "Systemates"

In Systematic, there are many different job roles and career opportunities. Our employees always collaborate internationally, and we support each other without hesitation, no matter where in the world our customers are located.   

To get a glimpse of how it is to work at Systematic, meet some of our colleagues below and learn about their roles and their stories.

Meet Gauri

What do you learn from flying nearly 18,000 km across the Globe to work in a foreign country?

Gauri packed her bags and moved with her family to New Zealand to work for Systematic in Wellington. Besides it being a great experience for Gauri and her family, she also gained valuable work experience on the way back home in her luggage.

“I got a closer look into how our products and services actually make a difference at our customer’s side. I was with the customer during their wins and challenges and got a deeper understanding of how our solutions were changing their workflow for the better” she says.

Watch the video to learn more about why Gauri has spent over a decade of her working life at Systematic.

 Gauri Varma Heise -  Gauri Varma Heise ‎(gva)‎ Director, Service Product Management, Defence

Meet Mathias

Mathias started in Systematic as a student assistant and is now a Systems Engineer. 

"I finished a Master Degree in Computer Sciences here in Aarhus. I think it fits especially well here in Systematic, where there is a good mixture of engineers with a bit more practical knowledge, and then from Computer Sciences with a bit more theoretical knowledge, so that way you get to cooperate a bit, it is very nice. 

There are a lot of social activities and initiatives here in Systematic. Personally, I run quite a bit at the job, but there are also other sports activities like bowling and football if that is what you are into".

Systematic employee looking forward

Meet Jesper

Jesper is using his experience from the military in his role as a Product Manager on one of our Defence products

"I previously served in the Danish Armed Forces as an officer, I have 21 years of experience, predominantly in the field of infantry and armour before I joined Systematic. Situational awareness is pivotal to the soldiers' safety and ability to carry out operations in the dismounted environment". In our solutions we provide "all the elements that are needed in a modern-day command system, and this also could be the difference between winning and loosing a battle".

Systematic employee looking forwrd

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