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About the product

Jesper Annexgaard is a Product Manager for small mobile solutions in Systematic in the Defence division. Listen to him to find out more about the product features.

Solder using the SitaWare solution

About the project

The SitaWare Mobile program is developing the next generation of our mobile products. Both Systematic and SitaWare Mobile program are having great success, so we are growing and we need your help, we are looking for skilled developers and skilled managers to come and help us.


The team

The teams are mainly co-located, so they are located at the same office, but we have two locations where development is taking place, we have in Denmark and we have in Bucharest in Romania. We have a close collaboration between the two locations. On the SitaWare Mobile Program, we have full teams, full cross-functional teams. We have a tester on each team, then we have a number of developers, we also have a dedicated scrum master dedicated for each team. 


Career development

There are great opportunities for developing your skills and your career at Systematic and in the SitaWare Mobile program. We have many who started out as a junior programmer and moved on to becoming senior, really experienced developers, some of them became architects and others are moving into a management position, so there are plenty of opportunities both in our program, but also Systematic in general.


Meet a colleague

Learn more about other roles in Systematic and hear more stories from some of our colleagues.

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About the technologies

Mobile technologies

Mobile First

SitaWare Frontline and SitaWare Edge must support many different types of devices, ranging from very old desktop PCs to the latest Android tablets and phones all the while being responsive and scalable. To ensure an efficient cross-platform solution we promote a Mobile-first development to handle everything from Android security restrictions to battery usage and responsive User Interfaces.

Java 8+ and Android development are key technologies in ensuring cross-platform support and mobile-first development.

Web technologies

Modern Web Technologies

The Systematic Defence products are renowned for their ease of use and intuitive user experience and we are continuously working with the latest web technologies and modern tools to build user interfaces that set the bar even higher such as Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node, and CSS.

Tactical communication

Tactical Communication

Once deployed in the field, the backbone of the SitaWare suite is the SitaWare Tactical Communication with its ability to share data over limited data links and in environments with high packet loss and high latencies. When developing the SitaWare Tactical Communication, we not only work with Java and OSGi but also with a range of different hardware integrations ranging from Military GPS devices to Laser Range Finders and legacy radio systems.