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Operationally proven

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Field-proven, off-the-shelf and de facto NATO standard

Information sharing across the maritime battlespace is often via Message Text Format (MTF), composing and extracting data from these  can be a labour-intensive and time-consuming task with opportunities for errors.

Automating processes and providing a simplified user interface can be a boon for commanders. The ability to compose messages in a structured template can negate the errors that may be introduced when free writing many lines of text. It can also serve to reduce labour and time requirements, as well as bring information assurance.

At a time when many navies are facing peer and near-peer threats at sea, shortening the command cycle can make the difference between success and failure - automatically transferring the plan information within an MTF into a C2 system can bring a step change in capability for naval commanders.


IRIS Forms - a force multiplier

It is here that Systematic’s IRIS Forms solution acts as a force multiplier. The IRIS messaging system is combat proven and has become the de-facto standard in NATO member countries for interoperability and military messaging using agreed international MTF standards. The IRIS Forms interface effectively guides the user through the writing process via a structured template with simple drop-down options and text boxes, it also automatically flags any errors in the message.


Operate across systems

When used with the SitaWare suite, the content contained within the message can automatically be extracted into the C2 system, where the plan and associated graphical elements are generated. If the recipient of the message operates IRIS Forms but not SitaWare, the information is readily at hand easily extracted. Even if they do not have IRIS Forms, the data in the message will be available in the traditional text format. The IRIS Forms interface also enables quick and accurate changes to be made to a plan.


Simple updates

The combination of SitaWare with IRIS brings further utility, as changes made within SitaWare can be exported to the IRIS MTF and disseminated through the usual means. New orders can also be easily introduced into the SitaWare C2 system without the need to load a completely new plan, the user simply receives a notification of the changes – for example as a chat message – and then can import the information with a few clicks.


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