German warship FGS Donau (Credit: Brian Djurslev)

    September 7, 2022

    Former German Navy officer Gregor Mannherz: Career profile

    Gregor Mannherz joined the German Navy in 1996 and completed two years of compulsory service before re-signing as an officer.

    Commander Gregor Mannherz, German Navy Reserve Force

    He spent 15 years in Service, specialising in minecounter measures (MCM) and operational planning.

    Key appointments:

    • MCM Squadron in Kiel, Germany for six years. Roles included operational planner and press relations officer.
    • Two deployments to Lebanon as part of UN peacekeeping mission UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon)
    • Deputy Chief of Staff responsible for training the Lebanese Navy
    • Tours with NATO MCM task forces

    Gregor is now a Commander with the reserve forces and is deputy commanding officer of an MCM squadron.

    After leaving the Navy in 2011, Greg took up several industry appointments which include:

    • ADP: National sales advisor – software & services
    • Thyssenkruft Marina Systems based in Qatar: Business development manager/government relations
    • Thyssenkruft Marina Systems HQ in Germany: Submarine procurement project manager – training & simulations.