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May 10, 2021

IABG integrates SitaWare with KORA simulation system


The project brings together best-in-class command & control and synthetic environment solutions.

Leading research, testing, and analysis company Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (IABG) has worked with SitaWare Headquarters’ REST APIs to integrate the Command & Control (C2) software with its KORA simulation system.

KORA is an advanced synthetic wargaming environment that is primarily used for a wide range of command post exercises, but also supports course-of-action analysis and scenario-based experiments. “The Bundeswehr wanted to stimulate the SitaWare Headquarters system with data from a scenario being run in the KORA environment”, notes IABG’s Sebastian Stiegler, “We were able to send a range of data from KORA to SitaWare, such as unit positions, recce reports, holdings and the whole ORBAT (order of battle).”

The training audience could then participate in the exercise through the SitaWare Headquarters interface. During the course of the exercise, the actions are simulated in KORA creating results, which are displayed in the C2 system with a ‘live’ feed to the participants.

“This approach enabled the audience to follow the ‘train as you fight’ principle, adding realism and also speeding up processes,” Stiegler explains, “Traditionally, much of the data is entered into the C2 system manually. This causes latency and can lead to information gaps and subsequently inaccuracies in the common operational picture.”

KORA is largely used to support staff officer training from the brigade level up to the operational level, and offers users much flexibility and customisation options. The software is formed of sub models that realistically reproduce complex military operations across all domains.

Further features include an integrated scenario generator that can draw on an extensive library of weapon systems and ORBATs, as well as the ability to incorporate bespoke models and customisation. The software also permits terrain modelling via commercial GIS tools or its own terrain editor, and can generate synthetic environments with more than 2,000 x 2,000 km.

The Bundeswehr, including at the German Army Warfighting Simulation Centre in Wildflecken and the Command and Staff College in Hamburg, uses KORA extensively. It is also employed at a number of international military exercise facilities. Related to KORA, one of the leading U.S. wargaming experts, Matthew B. Caffrey Jr., stated 2019 in his book On Wargaming, comparing global simulation programmes, that 'the most impressive advancements were made by the Germans' (p. 164).

“The project to integrate SitaWare Headquarters with KORA demonstrates the benefits of the flexible, open architecture design inherent in both systems. It exemplifies how bringing together such systems can act as a force multiplier for the customer,” notes Sven Trusch, Managing Director of Systematic GmbH.

The SitaWare suite of software delivers comprehensive C2 and situational awareness across all levels of the battlespace. Operationally proven, the software is in service with more than 30 countries.

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