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January 14, 2021

Systematic delivers C2 software for SSE-TD2 system


SitaWare Headquarters will provide planning functionality for UK Strategic Command’s Single Synthetic Environment Technical Demonstrator Phase 2 system


Led by gaming specialists Improbable, SSE-TD2 includes the development of an operational decision support tool demonstrator that will enable UK Strategic Command to test courses of action in a multi-domain environment. For the programme Systematic is sub-contracted to CAE, who are delivering the synthetic environment and computer-generated forces aspects.

“As an operationally proven system in service with more than 30 countries, SitaWare Headquarters is a natural fit for the SSE-TD2 programme,” explains Paul Fielding, Senior Manager Business Development at Systematic, adding “We are delighted to be working on such an innovative project that is at the leading edge of serious gaming and simulation.”

For the SSE-TD2 programme, SitaWare Headquarters will integrate with a range of software and will draw on a variety of data sources, such as geospatial information and orders of battle.

“SitaWare Headquarters has previously demonstrated its ability to support course of action analysis systems, with the software providing the ‘front-end’ for simulation engines,” notes Fielding.

The course of action demonstrator being developed under the SSE-TD2 programme is intended to enable a wide variety of scenarios to be examined and at differing levels of command, with operational factors as diverse as the impact of social media activities, political decisions, cyber effects, and conventional warfare with a peer or near-peer adversary, among many others.

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