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August 5, 2020

Systematic qualifies for bidding round in $950 million US defence programme


Systematic has joined the race to win contracts in a framework agreement with the US Air Force.

The US Air Force is leading efforts to develop future command-and-control capabilities that will operate across the land, air, sea, cyber and space domains. The companies selected for its Advanced Battle Management System programme will compete to deliver new information and communications technologies.

Systematic is among the companies qualified to compete with other major players in the field, and Systematic CEO, Michael Holm, is naturally pleased to be selected. He believes that Systematic is in a strong position to win some of the contracts in the agreement. 

In an interview with Danish Newspaper Børsen, he calls it a seal of approval, and he expects it to open more doors for Systematic's solutions.

"On the export side, it will probably make other countries open their eyes more to us, just as we will increase our focus on the North American market in the future," he tells Børsen.

The US Army is already a customer of Systematic, and in 2017 placed a USD222 million order for the SitaWare command-and-control system.

The contracts in the framework agreement will run over the next five years and have a ceiling value of USD950 million.

The Børsen article is in Danish and requires a subscription.

The announcement from the US Air Force can be read here

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