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May 15, 2020

Versatile defence software helps combat the COVID-19 pandemic


In an interview with Erhverv+, a Danish business publication, Lead Sales Engineer, Tage Lund, talks about how Systematic’s defence solutions have proven to be versatile and suitable for several purposes e.g. marine coordination on offshore wind farms and in the efforts to stop the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tage Lund, Lead Sales Engineer

Two things are crucial, when fighting for lives: overview and security. Since 1985 Systematic has developed military software that enables commanders at Headquarters and soldiers on the ground to communicate clearly despite different nationalities and large distances.

- Since the company started, we’ve focused on making interoperable software for the military. Interoperable software means that it can collaborate with other systems, Tage Lund explains.

Because the systems are open and interoperable they have proven to be useful in other industries as well.

A newly developed version of Systematic's command-control system, SitaWare, ensures that energy companies such as Ørsted and Vattenfall gets an overview of their employees, vessels, and offshore windmills.

In New Zealand the defence solutions are used to coordinate relief efforts related to natural disasters.

Over the last few months, however, Ireland, New Zealand and Germany have used SitaWare to create an overview of the capacity in hospitals during the pandemic. The system have also given the countries the ability to coordinate helicopter flights for corona patients and monitor the capacity of hospitals.

In Denmark the urgent problem is the need for a system that can coordinate the test capacity in the tents where people are tested for Covid-19.

-Some weeks the tents are going to be extremely busy while others will be empty. The thought is that our solution will give them an overview so the coordinators can act, increase staffing, or move patient bookings around if necessary, says Tage Lund, adding that the system is still in the process of getting ready for use. 

The article from Erhverv+ is in Danish and is found here on page 20-21

Photo by Axel Schütt

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