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Coalition interoperability experts

From peacekeeping to combat, and from crisis management to counter-insurgency, multinational operations have long been the rule rather than the exception. The ability to communicate with coalition partners is an essential capability that ensures information exchange regardless of the origin of the data or the equipment used. However, ensuring military interoperability with coalition partners often proves to be a complicated and severe challenge.

As the leading supplier of military C2IS, battle management and interoperability solutions for defence forces throughout the world, we are playing an active role in shaping the interoperability standards of tomorrow. We do this through the accumulation of 20+ years of specialised knowledge and combat-proven experience in solving the complex challenges in this specific field.

This allows us to handle the coalition interoperability challenge for you and let you focus on your main tasks during deployment. Contact us to learn how we can assist you in achieving seamless coalition interoperability.

Unmatched military interoperability solutions

  • Built-in support for Joint, coalition and allied interoperability standards
  • Interoperability with SitaWare: C2 & battle management
  • Interoperability with IRIS military messaging

Built-in support for Joint, coalition and allied interoperability standards

Interoperability is integral to all Systematic C2, BMS, and military messaging products, and the SitaWare Coalition Gateway is your hub for interoperability. It offers support for a wide range of modern military and civilian data communication standards, ensuring full interoperability across Joint environments and with your coalition and allied partners. The SitaWare Coalition Gateway delivers effective information exchange regardless of the origin of the data or the equipment used,  and enables friendly force tracking, situational overviews, plans, orders, reports and returns to flow quickly back and forth between complex multinational command structures.

Interoperability with SitaWare: C2 & battle management

The SitaWare Command and Control Information System (C2IS) and battle management software is already used by more than 30 nations and supports a wide range of interoperability standards, such as NATO Friendly Force Information (NFFI) and Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP), enabling commanders to share selected elements of their plans and situational awareness information with coalition partners. SitaWare can also include the location of coalition forces in the shared friendly force picture, and provide coalition forces with the location of own units, thereby significantly reducing the risk of fratricide while increasing mission effectiveness.

Interoperability with IRIS military messaging

In service with more that over 50 nations worldwide, the software solutions of the IRIS Suite constitute the de facto standard for military messaging for defence forces throughout the world and its development is based on 35 years of practical experience in solving coalition interoperability issues. IRIS constantly matches the evolving standards used for electronic military messaging between nations and across different systems, and ensures that messaging data is compliant with international messaging standards such as USMTF and APP-11/ADatP-3.

Video: SitaWare suite explained

Imagine a C4ISR system that not only allows you to plan missions and run current operations, but also promotes intelligent decision-making across all domains supported by AI.  That is the SitaWare suite. Click on the animation below to explore how the SitaWare suite enables users to plan, manage, and share orders across coalitions from joint level to the tactical edge.

SitaWare suite explainer video animation

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