Virtual Showroom

Explore the 3D landscape to see where C4ISR solutions make a difference

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What is the Virtual Showroom?

The Virtual Showroom is an interactive 3D landscape that allows you to explore where and how Systematic’s defence solutions are used in the modern battlespace.

You are the one who directs operations and decides what needs a closer look. Click on the hotspots to dive into the texts, images, and videos to learn about your areas of interest. You can also find links to download flyers and ebooks.

How do you access the Virtual Showroom?

To get the best experience, make sure that you open the virtual showroom on a desktop or a tablet (smartphones are not recommended). The bigger the screen the better.

To access the Virtual Showroom, just click on the orange button below.

How does the Virtual Showroom work?

When visiting the Virtual Showroom, you can click on hotspots to see how Systematic's C4ISR software is used across domains and levels of command.