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Shall we build your ecosystem?

Most organisations have a wealth of IT systems that must communicate with one another and present data in a context that makes sense for users. However, it can be a challenge to maintain an efficient IT landscape with numerous systems and functionalities that might even overlap in terms of basic functionality as regards login, security and ID. In addition, there is often several different suppliers involved and they can be hard to keep track of.

The solution is to establish a fundamental integration platform that ties up all ends. A platform which ensures an effective and stable IT infrastructure, and which fulfils all the basic non-functional requirements.

Based on more than 30 years of experience in integrating business-critical projects, Systematic has developed a standardised integration platform called Synergy. Synergy gives you a tried-and-tested high-quality platform which brings together your IT solutions and makes it possible to build a stable and effective ecosystem.

Synergy can be run on-premises or via a public cloud – we will match the solution with your wishes and needs. 

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Standardised solutions open up possibilities

Synergy is based on open container technology. Basically, this means that applications can easily be coupled to the platform as long as it is packed according to the stated requirements within container technology. It then becomes easier for you to collaborate with third-party suppliers and to reuse functionality across different applications.

As a long-standing supplier to the defence industry and the health sector, our experience and expertise with high security requirements is fully integrated into Synergy. Therefore, the platform is continually monitored, and all activities are logged and scanned for errors to protect against security breaches.

You get: 

  • Efficient and stable infrastructure
  • Lower operations cost
  • Possibility of reusing functionality
  • Considerable transparency in the solutions and how they are used
  • Scalable and future-proff architecture.

Have we sparked an interest? Instead of going deeper into technical explanations, talk about monoliths and connectors, please contact us to learn more. 


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Flemming Bent Thomsen, Group Senior Vice President