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    IT solution enhances competitiveness and improves customer service at logistics company

    350 coordinators at Danske Fragtmænd get daily support from a business critical and intelligent logistics system developed by Systematic.



    Challenging to maintain a good overview of all the shipments and make use of data. 



    A logistics system that serves as a hub for all the documentation as well as a real-time view of the drivers which is a helping hand in regard to a good overview. 



    The system has made life easier for forwarding agents and drivers, but it has also made the organisation more competitive and cost-effective. 

    At Danske Fragtmænd, about 350 forwarding agents arrive for work every morning. They support the truck drivers, ensuring they have the best possible conditions for being able to deliver the 56,000 consignments daily to their destinations. Routes through Denmark must be planned, shipments coordinated and documentation kept in order. At the end of the day, all the shipments must arrive in the right place at the right time and in the right condition.

    Many shipments require a good overview

    In the past, the forwarding agents coordinated and booked everything by telephone and email, and it was therefore a challenge to maintain a good overview of everything being shipped each day across Denmark. Systematic helped address this challenge by creating a digital solution which provides the clear overview that the forwarding agents require.

    An invaluable visual tool

    Systematic developed a logistics system that serves as a hub for all the documentation while also providing a real-time view of the drivers and their whereabouts, which greatly assists the forwarding agents in planning and coordinating operations. This real-time picture ensures that the forwarding agents can continually see where the drivers and their vehicles are located, and thus also when the goods will be delivered. In other words, the system serves as a helping hand to ensure smoother workflows and a better customer service.

    System in daily use

    Via the logistics system, drivers receive jobs on the PDA they use to scan goods on collection and delivery. The PDA can also be used to photograph any damaged goods, and thus always document the condition and location of the goods, ensuring transparency and the best possible service for customers.

    Our logistics system has made life much easier and clearer for both the forwarding agents and the drivers, but it has also made Danske Fragtmænd a much more competitive and cost-effective business.

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