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    IT solution promotes property trading

    Systematic has developed the query engine and platform that will extract data for project DIADEM - Digital Access to information on property trading. 



    • Reduce cost of buying and selling houses in Denmark
    • Simplify obtaining a property data report
    • Increase the quality of the property data report 


    • A query engine and platform to extract data and show data from various sources
    • User-friendly and secure portal to pay for property data reports
    • Direct integration for professional users


    • Quick and easy access to property data
    • Significant reduction in manual work, freeing resources
    • Higher quality

    Data gathered from municipal and national registers

    The name of the project is DIADEM – Digital Adgang (Digital Access) to information on property trading – and was initiated by the Danish Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs.

    The project consists of gathering information from numerous municipal and national registers to allow all data to be incorporated into one property data report.

    IT solution saves time and lowers the price of the property data report 

    Systematic has developed the query engine and platform that will extract data from all various municipal and national agencies, and combine and display them securely.

    Estate agents, property lawyers, financial institutions, etc., will save time obtaining this information,
    which will allow for a reduction in the price of the actual property data report.

    Infrastructure enables the use of payment cards

    Another important part of the solution is charging for reports generated. Systematic has developed the infrastructure for this, which enables invoicing and payment using payment cards.

    The system has been available for all users since the end of 2012.