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    Long-term cooperation brings tangible benefits

    For more than a decade, Systematic has functioned as a development supplier for e-nettet, and thus helped to create the foundation that ties financial Denmark together. 



    • A need to automate workflows within and across sectors
    • Optimisation of dataflow between various players (e.g. banks)


    • Close collaboration with Systematic as a development supplier
    • Eg. development of bank account switch service, digital estate agency and digital land registration 


    • Successful agile change process aimed at strengthened collaboration in Teams
    • Centralised project ownership
    • More efficient development engine

    The vital link

    “Invisible solution – visible gains” is e-nettet’s slogan, and it succinctly describes the role played by e-nettet in the financial sector. E-nettet is 100% owned by banks and mortgage companies, its aim being to support these parties by digitalising processes and having an efficient IT infrastructure. E-nettet is the vital link between the public sector and the financial sector when it comes to exchanging data and deriving the greatest possible benefit from doing so.

    The solutions are also very valuable for the ordinary citizen – who does not realise it because it is their lawyers, estate agents, banks and mortgage companies that use them, and in such a way that they might not even discover that it is a distinct product.

    For example:

    • ‘Bank account switch service’ (e-engagement) ensures the fast transfer of a customer’s bank accounts from one bank to another.
    • e-bolighandel is a platform that serves as a digital meeting place for banks, real estate agents and lawyers for sharing all the documents related to a property transaction.

    Systematic has acted as e-nettet’s development supplier for years

    For more than 20 years, Systematic has functioned as a development supplier for e-nettet, and thus helped to create the foundation that ties financial Denmark together.

    • Saves time when arranging and rescheduling loans
      The digitalisation of loan financing and rescheduling loans through improved data flow between the financial institutions and electronic registration. The result is that arranging and rescheduling loans now only takes a few hours, benefiting all parties.
    • All information in one place
      Simpler completion process for property transactions, as all relevant information is now gathered in one place. The result is shorter processing times in connection with property transactions, benefiting both buyer and seller.

    At the end of 2021, e-nettet implemented a change process aimed at making the collaboration and development more agile. Central ownership of the projects was moved to individual project teams, a form of collaboration which, according to Michael Hald Graversen, has resulted in improved job satisfaction, more motivated employees and, at the end of the day, a more efficient development engine.

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