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    Workflow automation of 88 %

    A solution, for e-nettet, by Systematic simplifies paperwork in connection with property deals and loan financing. 



    • Provision of a solution to automate workflows and encapsulate the public digital land registration


    • Platform that enables automated and paperless workflow in loans and real estate
    • Direct integration with all involved parties


    • Massive financial savings
    • Time savings when borrowing and reorganising loans
    • Gathering of all information in one place

    E-nettet is an independent company owned by mortgage companies and banks.

    E-nettet is preparing for the 100 % digital housing market and, among others, provides services to 2,500 affiliated estate agent offices, bank branches and mortgage lending offices.

    Simplification of paperwork

    Since 2010, Danish citizens have experienced a considerable simplification of paperwork in connection with buying property and loan financing. This has been a result of the government’s digitalisation of land registration and collaboration between banks, building societies and mortgage institutions. All stakeholders now save both time and money, and the automation of paperwork has risen from 0% to more than 88%.

    Systematic and e-nettet tie up the loose ends

    Systematic has delivered the most essential elements in close collaboration with e-nettet in an attempt to unite the 130 financial stakeholders.

    The project has resulted in:

    • Time savings when borrowing and reorganising loans
      Digital execution of loan financing and the reorganisation of loans through better infrastructure between financial institutions and electronic land registration. Borrowing and reorganisation can now be executed within a few hours, which is a major benefit to all parties.

    • All information gathered in one place
      Easier completion of property sales where all relevant information is now collected in one location. The result is a reduction in the processing time of property deals, which benefits both buyers and sellers.

    • Valuable tool for professional parties
      An opportunity to deliver property information, statistics and pricing models to professional parties. The creation of a valuable instrument for professional institutions through the compilation and processing of property market data which can be used on a daily basis. 

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