December 13, 2023

    Systematic joins forces with Aarhus Vand and Kamstrup to enhance the digitalisation of water meters

    Aarhus Vand is joining forces with Kamstrup and Systematic in a new project to digitalise water metering and consumption monitoring. The goal is to create better service and give customers the opportunity to monitor their water consumption in real-time while helping customers to both save water and react faster in the event of extraordinary water consumption. Systematic will lead the innovation process.

    Today, customers have to manually read and report their water consumption, but this is about to change for the people of Aarhus. Aarhus Vand has initiated an innovation project in collaboration with Systematic and Kamstrup to further develop the digital water meters already on the market.

    Helle Pernille Hansen, Team Leader at Aarhus Vand, explains: "The new smart meters will enable us to remotely read water consumption. We hope that this will be a great satisfaction for our customers, as they will no longer have to read the meter manually. At the same time, we can provide better service and optimise operations because we get real-time data on our customers' water consumption."


    Real-time water consumption

    The project will not only automate meter reading, but also introduce a customer platform that provides constant access to real-time water consumption data. This incentivises customers to both conserve water and react faster to extraordinary water consumption.

    Karina Topp, CEO at Aarhus Vand, emphasises the importance of innovation in the project: "We have added a layer of innovation to the project. This is because we want the new smart water meters to be the best and most future-proof solution for the benefit of our customers and ourselves."

    Systematic as the innovation engine


    Systematic will be the driving force behind the innovation process. Maiken Gustafsson, Innovation Manager at Systematic, says:

    "We bring solid experience with innovation processes and a strong team with knowledge of IT development, e.g. in relation to usability, data science, networking, integration and front-end development. We are very excited to be part of the project and look forward to the collaboration."

    Goals of the Innovation Partnership

    Aarhus Vand is looking forward to launching the innovation partnership, whose goals are:

    • Implementation of a remotely read digital water metering system that creates new value for customers.
    • Access to real-time water consumption data and other relevant data as a new service that can act as a catalyst for changing consumer behaviour focusing on minimising water consumption.
    • Using real-time data optimises water supply with minimal energy consumption and water loss.
    • Developing a user-friendly remote reading system.
    • Ensuring an open, flexible and scalable system that enables continuous improvement.

    Aarhus Vand is looking forward to this innovation partnership:

    "We have teamed up with some of the best in the industry regarding digitalisation and digital water meters. I am confident that together we will define a solution that makes it easier and better to be a customer of Aarhus Vand, minimising water waste and making us more sustainable," says Karina Topp, CEO, Aarhus Vand.

    Read the full press release from Aarhus Vand (in Danish).

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