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    April 20, 2023

    Systematic selected as strategic supplier for major IT consultancy agreement with Danish regions

    Systematic is one of the winners of a large joint tender for IT services for the five Danish administrative regions. The framework agreement comprises seven sub-agreements with a total estimated value of DKK 1.3 billion over the next three years.

    When the Capital Region of Denmark’s Centre for IT and Medical Technology (CIMT) published the joint tender for IT consultancy services for all five regional authorities, Systematic bid for three of the seven sub-agreements.

    “It’s not a bad day when you receive this sort of news,” says Jesper Pape, Consulting Director at Systematic, while referring to the letter from the Capital Region of Denmark announcing that Systematic has been selected with top marks for all three sub-agreements in stiff competition in each case with 14 other suppliers.

    The framework agreement covers the Danish regions’ future procurement of IT services, including consultancy, software development, ongoing development, maintenance and support, and has a total estimated value of DKK 1.3 billion. The three sub-agreements which Systematic has been selected for have a total estimated value of approx. DKK 500 million, and cover services within:

    • Architecture and development
    • Project management and procurement assistance
    • Data security.

    “We’re extremely pleased that we have been chosen for all three areas that we bid for. First, because we were chosen from among a field of very strong competitors. And second, because it holds considerable strategic value that we’re able to continue the good work we’re doing with the regions in the health area,” says Jesper Pape, Consulting Director, Systematic Digital Transformation.

    Able to offer everything from delivery responsibility to experts as required

    Systematic already supplies several health solutions to the hospitals in all the Danish regions, for example planning and logistics tools and, not least, the electronic health record (EHR) system which is being used with great success at hospitals in Jutland and on Funen.

    Systematic possesses solid experience in its role as development supplier and system integrator for public-sector customers within the health sector, the police, the emergency services and public administration, and can therefore undertake assignments while being responsible for ensuring that customers’ systems function together.

    One area in which Systematic was rated particularly highly was ‘internal processes’, which gives customers a high degree of delivery performance.

    Process maturity and a high level of delivery performance are deeply rooted in Systematic, which has managed to maintain a CMMI appraisal at the highest level for the past 18 years, something which is matched by only a few other companies worldwide.

    “With 30 years of experience as a supplier of systems of critical importance for society and businesses, it goes without saying that our process framework is in place. This means we can assume full responsibility for the delivery of special development tasks, tests, organisational implementation, training etc. – but we can also provide skilled experts as and when required, i.e. specialists with the right experience and know-how within implementation, project management, development and the integration of health IT. Whatever the nature of the tasks, we’re very much looking forward to getting started,” says Jesper Pape.

    Now that the overall framework agreement is in place, each of the Danish regions can quickly and easily do mini-tenders among the selected suppliers.

    Facts about the tender

    The tender has been organised by the Capitol Region of Denmark's Centre for IT and Medical Technology (CIMT) on behalf of the five Danish regional authorities.

    The tender comprises seven sub-agreements, covering:

    • Management consultants
    • Architecture and development
    • Project management and procurement assistance
    • System-specific configuration and development
    • Operational support
    • Data security
    • Temporary workers.

    The term of the agreement is three years, with the possibility of extending it for a further year.

    It is not possible to assign work directly under the framework agreement. Supply contracts are awarded via mini-tenders among the selected suppliers.

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