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    April 7, 2020

    The future lies with digitalisation

    The public sector in Denmark is under pressure, which makes it difficult to achieve a high level of efficiency and service. In an interview with CXO Magasinet, Systematic’s CEO, Michael Holm, emphasises that digitalisation has enormous potential and could become a gamechanger for the public sector.

    In the article, Michael Holm says that big datasets, artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to optimise planning and workflows. Digital systems are getting increasingly more complicated, and therefore he is convinced that professionals and specialists needs to work more closely together.

    According to Michael Holm, the will to improve and gain knowledge is all-important in the pursuit of better IT -solutions:

    “Right now, there’s too much focus on optimising the respective administrations and subject areas. If we really want to develop ourselves, we need to find solutions that will make it possible for the different administrations to collaborate. And I believe that digitalisation is the key to doing that”.

    Michael points to the importance of experimenting with what we already know, when developing new systems for digitalisation.

    “We have to be open to experimenting and try out new things in order to enhance our businesses. And that is best done through collaboration”, he tells CXO Magasinet.

    Read the article here (In Danish only)

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