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Systematic Synergy

  • Free PDF file in English: Systematic Synergy

Free PDF file in English: Systematic Synergy

Systematic has a long track record in building integration platforms, for finance, for municipalities and for healthcare. All this knowledge has been added to the design of the Systematic Synergy integration platform.

An ideal infrastructure, would have the following qualities:

  • be as open as possible, enable innovation and fast creation of business value.
  • make it easy to comply with all required regulations like GDPR.
  • be highly available in a self-healing way.
  • offer reuse of connectors to internal and external systems.
  • be an enabler for business value by being as invisible as possible.
  • scale with the success of your business, when you need it, in a cost-effective way.

This is the task Systematic Synergy solves. It focuses on the creation of synergy between the IT projects, by making sure to take as much infrastructure out of the IT projects as possible, leaving them to be creative, innovative and efficient in creating business value.