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Our digitalisation concept is your guarantee of realising business value

Digital projects must create value for all parties, and the biggest problem is often that digitalisation projects either do not make it past the first PowerPoint presentation or fail to add more value than it has cost to develop the solution.

Through our digitalisation concept, we take you and your business on a digitalisation journey by gathering and utilising data, strengthening your decision-making processes and helping your business to achieve strategic business goals.

Our digitalisation concept is:

  • Practical – both you and we are handed valuable clarifications, documents, cases etc. at every phase.
  • Transparent – you always know where you are in the process, what it will cost and what you will get out of it.
  • Phased – either party can stop the process after each phase.

This approach will bring your potential to life by moving it from value to concept and from there to a real solution.

Our approach – realised step by step

How we ensure a satisfactory project ROI

As an experienced digitalisation partner for ambitious public and private organisations, we use a simple and phased digitalisation concept which continually identifies and ensures business value in the digital transformation of your business.

Through the various phases of the digitalisation concept – exploration, Proof of Value (PoV), Proof of Concept (PoC) and creation of a Minimum Viable Project (MVP) – we work together to establish the extent to which and how full digitalisation can be realised. Our experienced consultants have done it many times before, and you will benefit from the routines, processes, tools and libraries we have developed over the years.

Our approach – realised step by step

1. Explore: Mutual investigation

We study your needs, challenges and strategic goals in this non-binding exploration phase where we meet and get a feel for each other. The meetings identify the possibilities that we both see for a collaboration on powering up the digitalisation of your business.

If everyone agrees to continue, we lead you and your stakeholders through the phases that identify and prove the potential value that our concepts can help realise as well as how we arrive at full value creation:

2. Proof of Value (PoV): We document value

In the PoV phase, we document that we understand the problems, can visualise and implement a solution, and that the business value outweighs the costs. The phase includes practical exercises in exploration workshops, user surveys, market surveys, in-depth interviews with stakeholders and identifying use cases.

The PoV phase comprises:

  • Initial assessment of business value
  • Solution descriptions
  • Assessing the technical feasibility
  • A solution roadmap
  • Preparing a business case
  • Describing the scope of a specific PoC

In addition, we finalise the solution description, adapt the scope of the PoC and test it on users to obtain concrete feedback.

Each of these activities hands you qualified artefacts in support of the PoV and enables us to initiate the next phase.

3. Proof of Concept (PoC): We deliver a viable concept

In the PoC phase, we demonstrate the technical feasibility and practical potential of a solution or concept. We believe in agile development for better control, we ensure the validation of the concept among users through demonstrations, we design a plan for a MVP in your business and we create a draft contract for the rest of the possible digitalisation journey.

With a concrete PoC and our ability to deliver, we embark on the next phase.

4. Minimum Viable Project (MVP): We set to work

With the MVP– a solution with enough features to be released to the first users – you get something concrete which works and which can be implemented in your organisation.

The minimum solution builds on the solution description and PoC in the previous phase, and ensures that you and your organisation can implement a roll-out. In this way, you prepare your organisation for full digitalisation.

5. Project: We build the complete solution

In this phase we enter into an agreement to add the required functions and maturity for the solution to be implemented, be marketed and appeal to a wider range of users in your organisation.

We build the full solution according to the refined solution description, and roll it out in the organisation.

Your company’s digital transformation is completed – step by step, in a controlled manner, always with a focus on value and an awareness of the next phases and the associated costs.

Let us help you with your digital transformation

Digital projects must create value for all parties, but digitalisation projects often fail to get past the first post or confer less value than it costs to develop them. Through our digitalisation concept, we take you and your company on a digitalisation journey which, in several phases, delivers value that promises a satisfactory return on your investment.

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