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How you use your data will impact your profitability

Data is pivotal in modern business. As business models change and new technology transforms markets, data is business critical. The ability to make informed decisions, exploit new business areas, and introduce new technology is essential to not just stay in business – but ahead of the curve.

Our open-source data platform empowers you to fully leverage your data and realise your business potential. The platform is a modular, secure, and scalable data-as-a-service solution that grows with your changing needs. Cloud-based and designed to make it easy to add new capabilities as you need them.

So who can benefit from our data platform? Basically any company with an ambition to combine their data and domain expertise and gain actionable insights, assist decision making or provide data-driven service offerings to their customers.  

Data platform as-a-service

A smarter and simpler approach to data management

Take a deeper dive into the various benefits and learn more about our approach.


A platform that elevates your business

Your data defines your business. With our open-source data platform, your data becomes an asset that elevates your business and allows you to freely explore and offer new digital services to your customers.


Easily integrates with your current setup

Your data platform is the foundation of your digital business. No matter what systems and services you use – or if you are looking to utilise technologies like IoT, AI, or machine learning.


Scalable on your terms

Many cloud providers supply data platform services that seem attractive at first glance, but lead to expensive vendor lock-in that drains your commercial potential. With our open source and modular data platform, you can easily introduce new digital services and develop your business – without being at the mercy of a cloud provider.


Protecting your critical data

We leverage decades of experience delivering critical software solutions for the healthcare and defence industry to provide exceptional built-in security that keeps your data safe and protects your business.


Modular and open-source

By using only open-source licenses in a modular design, you can deploy your data platform exactly as you choose and expand your capabilities as your needs change. This lowers the deployment costs and is more flexible compared to traditional configurations – and allows you to drastically shorten lead times for new services.


Get ahead in the fight for IT talent

As technology continues to accelerate, attracting the right IT talent for your data platform becomes increasingly difficult and expensive. By choosing an as-a-service solution, you can focus on building your business and becomes less reliant on attracting specific IT specialists.

Modularity that makes your digital transformation click

Our open-source data platform empowers you to fully leverage your data and realise your business potential.

The platform is a modular, secure, and scalable data-as-a-service solution that grows with your organisation. It is cloud-based and designed to make it easy to add new modules and capabilities to fit your changing needs.

Our approach lets you do what you do best – and makes it easy to let us do the rest. This way you can exploit your data, so it becomes a true business enabler. Without ever being dragged down by restrictive pricing models.

Is your data platform draining your business potential?

Continuous digital transformation and building a data-driven organisation is top-priority in most modern businesses. Unfortunately, for many businesses the data platform becomes a stumbling block as lock-ins to expensive ecosystems drain the commercial potential of introducing new digital services.

With our data platform, you can take full advantage of your data potential without having to pay for expensive services. Instead, you decide how to tailor your setup so that it works for you: A data platform as-a-service – designed to service your needs.

The result is a profitable value chain where you call the shots. Learn how by downloading our brochure below.

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Get full advantage of your data by taking a smart approach to data platforms

Create a constant flow of new capabilities

Our data platform is designed to accelerate your digital transformation – supporting the journey from data-based opportunities to customer value.

Your use cases dictate the data sources – and the data platform acts as the enabler to transform your data and domain insight into APIs and applications.

With our as-a-service model, you become free to focus on creating value for your customers.

This way, your data specialists can help develop your business with new services instead of being locked into maintenance. With our modular and open-source system, you will have complete ownership at every step and be able to change as you go.

In other words, your value chain is yours and yours alone.  

A smarter approach to the cloud

Data platform for manufacturing industry

Most data specialists agree that cloud is the way to go.

However, moving massive quantities of data to the cloud can make traditional data platform as-a-service vendors expensive. By leveraging free open-source systems, your platform will always be built and maintained on your terms.

With our data platform setup, our experts handle day-to-day operations and maintenance, freeing up your team to focus on utilizing their expertise to drive business value.

Cyber security trusted by critical infrastructure sectors

Systematic has a long and proven track record of developing software solutions for some of the most critical sectors in society.

For decades, we have delivered exceptional software for the healthcare, national security, and defence sector where cyber security is crucial, and now we use that experience in our data platform solutions.

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