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Columna Flow Search & Find

Real-time tracking system for fast and easy localisation of medical equipment

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Real-time asset overview

Columna Flow Search & Find makes it easy for hospital staff to find the equipment or colleague they are looking for. The solution provides real-time overview of the asset location, minimising the time spent looking for what they need.

The solution is based on the latest location tracking technologies, connecting physical assets with digital locations via sensors or through manual registrations, and presenting staff with simple overviews that effectively reduce downtime and promote the workflow.

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Efficient equipment tracking

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Quick overview in real-time

Efficient equipment tracking

Columna Flow Search & Find is developed to support caregivers in the best way possible, regardless of their need. As a result, hospital staff can search for a specific object if they know exactly what they are looking for, or search category-based for more options.

Quick overview in real-time

The solution provides staff with a quick overview of relevant medical equipment, clearly marked based on availability, repair, cleaning, or maintenance status. The accuracy of the overview naturally depends on the status of the equipment being updated in real-time. The updates can either be done manually in Columna Flow or automatically through third-party solutions or configured "triggers".