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Columna Flow Task Management

Streamlining workflows and updating clinical and service tasks in real-time

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Smooth and flexible task management

Columna Flow Task Management streamlines and supports workflows in real-time at modern hospitals. It enables staff to manage tasks through the app and collaborate across departments and disciplines.

Task status and responsibilities are also reflected in real-time on coordinator screens so that department managers and coordinators can follow the current situation and near-future development. A better overview ensures better planning and limits the number of disruptions, delays, and communication errors.

Key Benefits

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Use data to make the best decisions

Forecast, analyse performance and boost collaboration across the hospital through data. 

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Streamlined workflows and real-time updates for tasks

Make sure your team delivers timely care through streamlined and efficient workflows.

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Work together across departments and disciplines

Coordinate across the hospital to foster teamwork and eliminate barriers between departments.

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Improved patient safety

Elevate patient safety by reducing errors and shortening waiting times.

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​ Empowering employees to take control

Empower your staff with user-friendly apps to coordinate and bridge the gap between healthcare departments.

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​ Reduced costs

Improve cost management by gaining better visibility of tasks and resources.

The most efficient way to manage tasks

Columna Flow Task Management is the optimal system for managing and performing daily tasks across the hospital. It enables caregivers and service staff to have a clear overview of assigned tasks. With just one tap on the screen, they can share information about the progress and status of each task. This helps streamline the process and ensures that every task is performed efficiently and effectively. 

Whether it is the resident physician who can see all patients in their care or the service assistant selecting their next task, Columna Flow enables more informed task management and promotes a more organised and stress-free environment, ultimately leading to better patient care.

Direct results

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Streamlined workflows and real-time updates

Efficient workflow management relies on having a clear overview of tasks and their statuses. Columna Flow Task Management system makes this possible through decentralised task distribution.

Caregivers and service staff can select tasks from a prioritised list that is sorted according to parameters, such as proximity to their location, staff competencies, or team affiliation. This allows for streamlined workflows and ensures that tasks are completed in a timely and effective manner.

Work together across departments and disciplines

Columna Flow Task Management promotes communication across the hospital by coordinating tasks and providing real-time updates on task status and responsibilities. It also provides insights into workload and performance for coordinators and management, identifying potential issues before they become problems.

Based on data on current performance, capacity, deviations and delays, the solution provides management with a valuable starting point for optimising workflows within and across departments.

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