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Columna Flow Wayfinding

Digital on-demand wayfinding for improved patient and visitor experience at your hospital

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A safer hospital experience

Finding your way around the hospital is no easy task. For patients who may already be under pressure, the new unfamiliar surroundings can cause confusion and insecurity, which in turn adds to the staff load, as they have to spend precious time helping patients to their appointments instead of focusing on healthcare tasks.

Columna Flow Wayfinding is a digital map of the hospital, accessed from desktops, apps, and information kiosks at the hospital. From home, the patient can get an overview of where in the hospital they are expected for their appointment, see which parking area is closest, and plan their route, taking any special needs into consideration.


On-demand hospital guidance

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Preparations start at home

a person using his smartphone

Always at hand

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Visual on-site directions

The preparations start at home

Patients begin their preparations for a hospital visit from home as soon as the appointment invitation arrives. From browsers and smartphones, patients will be shown the best route for their appointment, adapted to their special needs.

The advantage of online maps is that hospitals can embed the map directly on their website and avoid sending patients to third-party applications for a guide. As more and more hospitals are sending invitations electronically, they are now able to add map links in the initial communication.

All in all, patients are offered peace of mind due to being well-prepared before their visit to the hospital. The hospital staff will experience far fewer disturbances and delays with more self-reliant patients who arrive on time.

Always at hand

With Columna Flow Wayfinding, patients can access their digital map directly from their smartphone. The solution works as a personal GPS, clearly guiding patients and visitors to their destination. The map also provides quick overviews of the nearest entrance, parking area, coffee station or other that may be relevant.

Visual on-site directions

From interactive kiosks at the hospital, visitors are guided to their destination or relevant locations such as the nearest bathroom, information desk, or entrance. Patients can scan their health insurance card or ID and see upcoming appointments and the optimal route to get there. The solution also shows an actual image of the arrival destination, making it easy to recognise when the destination is reached.

Patients and relatives will be far more self-reliant and receive direct and prompt help when they need it.

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