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Discover how mobile case management helps physicians overcome emergency department pains in your hospital

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Better care with advanced mobile workflow

Advanced mobile workflow helps physicians overcome emergency department pains and enables a first-call resident to handle up to five patients at a time.

Key benefits of an advanced mobile-based solution:

  1. A mobile-based solution improves workflow efficiency.
  2. Asynchronous communication results in fewer interruptions.
  3. Mobile workflows get physicians closer to their patients.
  4. Physicians are more empowered to make the right decisions, faster.

Download our ebook and explore how advanced mobile workflow helps physicians overcome emergency department pains and ease patient-forward care at your hospital. 

Download ebook

Download our ebook about advanced mobile workflow and explore the key benefits of a mobile-based solution.

Promoting the continuum of care

At Systematic, we strive to enable the complete continuum of care across all actors in the healthcare pathway. With our Columna solutions, we join hospitals, communities, care centres, and the citizens' private homes to promote streamlined, safer, and improved care.

All our solutions are developed to support the workflows for caregivers, service staff, and social administrators across sectors. This allows them to focus on what is most important: Providing the best possible citizen care.