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Columna Flow Clinical Tasking

Optimising hospital workflows to reduce the pressure in emergency departments.

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Overcome some of the most urgent challenges at today's hospitals

Today's clinicians are at dire risk of burnout. Too many tasks, interruptions, and a lack of overview of what is most urgent.

Clinical Tasking is a mobile communication platform that gives an accurate overview of patients and the ability to coordinate tasks between colleagues. The platform improves patient safety and reduces errors and interruptions by streamlining communication.

Get a mobile task overview

By having one mobile platform for text messaging, checking patient flows, and communicating who does what in the Emergency Departments you secure a better overview and stable hospital environment.

Developed in collaboration with clinicians

Clinical Tasking has been developed and tested in close collaboration with clinicians in the Emergency Department at Aalborg University Hospital in Denmark. 

Curious about the process and results of the pilot project at Aalborg University Hospital? 

Reduce the number of interruptions

Clinical Tasking enables clinicians to digitally confer about diagnoses or treatment plans - rather than disturbing them with an unnecessary page or call. This makes clinicians work closer together with patients and improves collaboration across departments. The result is shorter patient waiting times and better overviews of tasks for both physicians and nurses.

In the Emergency Department at Aalborg University Hospital, the mobile platform has contributed to fewer unnecessary interruptions and more efficient collaboration between on-call residents and coordinating senior physicians. 

Improve your overview and patient focus

Clinical Tasking offers an accurate overview of available clinicians, their workload, and patient assessment status. An improved overview and access to care members around each patient make it easier to coordinate tasks between colleagues directly.

Minimise stress amongst clinical staff

With one platform for the entire hospital, you streamline communication, reduce errors and decrease stress levels from carrying multiple devices.

In the Emergency Department at Aalborg University Hospital, nurses experience an improved workflow. With the mobile platform always at hand, they can be available for new patients while attending to other tasks such as cleaning, documenting, and more. 

”I can perform meaningful tasks while waiting for a new patient and at the same time be available for new patients without being physically present,” says a Nurse in the Emergency Department at Aalborg University Hospital. 

Additionally, coordinating physicians experience their job as less stressful.