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Download our ebook and explore 5 gains of digitalising service task management and raise efficiency in your hospital.

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Digitalise your service task management

Here are 5 documented gains of introducing a digital task management system to your service teams

  1. 20% higher service efficiency
  2. 66% decrease in communication errors
  3. 90% reduction in time spent on following up
  4. Data-driven decision making and planning
  5. Overall reduced waiting time

Download our ebook and explore how your hospital can increase efficiency and free up time for patient care by digitalising service task management.

Download ebook

Gone digital yet? Download our ebook and start your digital journey with 5 valuable gains.

Promoting the continuum of care

At Systematic we strive to support the complete continuum of care, centred on the citizen. With our Columna solutions, we join hospitals, communities, care centres, and the citizens' private homes to promote streamlined, safer, and improved care.

All our solutions are developed to support the workflows for caregivers, service staff, and social administrators across sectors. This allows them to focus on what is most important: Providing the best possible citizen care.