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Optimises hospital service workflows with real-time asset tracking

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Supporting diverse workflows

With knowledge of capacity, load and available resources, staff can work even more efficiently.


Data-driven decision support

Real-time progress overviews of clinical and service tasks provide a strong basis for decision-making.


Efficient equipment tracking

The right equipment at the right time and place ensure safer care pathways and optimise workflows.

Optimise your hospital service processes

Columna Flow Search & Find makes it easy for hospital staff to find the equipment or colleague they are looking for. The solution provides a real-time overview of the asset location, minimising the time spent looking for what they need.

The solution is based on the latest location tracking technologies, connecting physical assets with digital locations via sensors or through manual registrations, and presenting staff with simple overviews that effectively reduce downtime and promote the workflow.

Obtainable benefits with Columna Flow

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Columna Flow supports 9+ million citizens in Northern Europe

Today, 46 hospitals in eight different countries utilise Columna Flow to optimise processes and reduce waiting time. The solution is used by more than 84,000 caretakers and hospital staff to help and support nine million citizens around Europe.