Nurse updating patient treatment

    IT supported logistics created transparency and connectivity


    Implementation of Systematic's Columna Clinical Logistics will help to realise the Central Denmark Region's vision of "The long-term and transparent hospital".



    • Outdated overviews on whiteboards
    • Staff interruptions
    • Lack of coordination and communication


    • User-friendly and intuitive interface
    • Suitable for pc's, tablets and mobile devices
    • Interacts with the Columna suite and with other systems


    • Real-time overview
    • Increased patient safety and satisfaction
    • Less staff interruptions

    Supports the region's vision and goal for clinical logistics

    With its acquisition of IT support for clinical logistics, Central Denmark Region has focused on creating transparency and coherence for patients, their families, and the region's hospital staff. In addition, there has been an emphasis on strong strategic cooperation, where the supplier and the region, working together, have taken the initiative in innovation and further development of clinical logistics and coherence for MidtEPJ (electronic patient journal) in the region.

    Implementation of Systematic's Columna Clinical Logistics will help to realise the region's vision of "The long-term and transparent hospital". The value of this vision lies in better planning, improved quality, efficiency, effective management of staff, patients, facilities and hospital equipment and optimised communication and information for hospital employees. In addition, there is the ability to provide excellent service and a coherent course of treatment for patients and their families.

    "During the dialogue phase, Systematic has been professional and responsive with a very constructive no-nonsense approach to the task and the dialogue. There is no doubt that Systematic through the dialogue has contributed positively and to a certain degree has affected the final proposal material.
    Systematic's proposal reflected that Systematic had listened to and understood the points needed to progress", says Esben Wolf, Senior Project Manager, Project department, Central Denmark Region.

    Delivery of clinical logistics

    Columna Clinical Logistics is a well-proven product that has been delivered and installed in a wide range of hospital emergency departments, operating areas and wards in Denmark and abroad. Parts of the initial delivery of clinical logistics are developed in collaboration with the region's clinicians. As part of this innovative development, evidence-based studies have also been carried out and these have documented that the system has a positive impact on increased efficiency, quality of treatment and improved working environment for staff. The delivery of clinical logistics contains established integration for basic systems and service systems, which ensures efficient procedures from the beginning.

    An important factor in achieving gains in clinical logistics is successful implementation. The delivery to Central Denmark Region includes an implementation project with focus on low risk and efficient configuration and implementation.

    Real-time updated overview

    Columna Clinical Logistics helps hospitals to improve productivity, working environment and patient safety through more effective communication and coordination. Columna Clinical Logistics provides hospital staff with a real-time updated and completely contemporary overview of patient flow, resources, treatment plans and work tasks for the individual department, entire hospital and other hospitals in Central Denmark Region. This means that hospital resources can be allocated as efficiently as possible. Staff receive all of the information they need, wherever they are. This is achieved via the media platforms they use and interactive large screens, PCs, smartphones and tablets.

    Case Study

    The Emergency Department of Regionshospitalet Horsens (Region's Hospital in Horsens) carried out an evidence-based study of the Columna Clinical Logistics system to study improvements in efficiency. The study showed an increase in productivity of 19% per employee.

    Supporting the patient's entire course of treatment

    Columna Clinical Logistics is designed to support the patient's entire course of treatment in the healthcare system and is adjusted to meet the different needs in emergency wards, operation wards and general wards. The solution interacts in the complete Columna suite and at the same time is able to bind crucial IT systems together, such as CPR, RIS (radiology) and LABKA II (laboratory), to create efficient procedures for clinicians working across systems for the benefit of patients.

    In addition, the solution can be connected in the future to those parts of the healthcare system that lie outside the hospital area. Columna Clinical Logistics effectively supports Central Denmark Region's business critical activities with hospital services.

    A strong supplier team in a strategic partnership with Central Denmark Region

    Systematic, Capgemini and Cetrea entered into a strategic partnership with Central Denmark Region regarding a complete vision and solution for clinical logistics and coherence with MidtEPJ. Systematic is responsible for coordinating the solution from the three suppliers; ensuring that the functionality developed by the three suppliers in regards to clinical logistics integrates seamlessly with MidtEPJ and thus optimally supports the many clinical procedures that cross the systems.

    The team consist of Systematic as the main supplier, Cetrea and Capegemini. Together, they provide a unique combination of experience in innovation, development and implementation of healthcare IT solutions for hospitals.

    The delivery project and the strategic cooperation focuses on combining the special competencies of the different suppliers to create the optimal delivery team.

    Systematic has excellent experience from other projects with several supplier partners and partnerships. Systematic focuses on this type of cooperation to ensure they can deliver the best possible solution and the highest quality to the client.

    Because the delivery is based on the standard product Columna Clinical Logistics, the Initial System can be quickly rolled out. The first hospital started to use the system at the beginning of 2013 and it was in full operation by the end of June 2013. The remaining hospitals will roll-out the system over a period of 19 months and the roll-out will have been completed by March 2015.