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Download our ebook and explore 5 gains of digitalising service task management and raise efficiency in your hospital.

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5 Reasons to digitise your hospital's service task management

Looking to digitize your hospital's service task management?

Download our 5 documented gains of introducing a digital task management system to your service teams. 

In this ebook we dive into the five biggest gains of implementing a digital workflow and planning solution

  1. 20% higher service efficiency among personnel
  2. 66% decrease in communication errors between nurses and porters
  3. 90% reduction in time spent on following up on porter location and ETAs
  4. Data-driven decision making and planning for staff planning
  5. Overall reduced waiting time of staff

Download the ebook and start your own digital journey. 

Download ebook

Gone digital yet? Download our ebook and start your digital journey with 5 valuable gains.