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    July 4, 2019

    58,000 Danish EHR users open up new international opportunities


    After the implementation in North Denmark Region in 2021, Systematic's Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) will be used by more than 58,000 users in Denmark. A well-established foundation for a solid export success, writes Computerworld. 

    An article in Computerworld focuses on Systematic’s recently signed contract with the North Denmark Region. The contract raises questions about what the next goal for Systematic is. 

    Delivering healthcare solutions is not new to Systematic. Systematic already delivers IT solutions for hospital flow and logistics for customers in the Nordic countries, as well as in Scotland, Australia and New Zealand. According to CEO Michael Holm, in the long term, these markets can be used as a bridge for the other healthcare solutions that Systematic offers.

    "You always hope to be able to export the products you create", Michael Holm, CEO, Systematic.

    A precondition for this is that the countries have a healthcare model that is similar to the Danish healthcare model as is the case for countries such as the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

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