Citizen measuring blood pressure at home

    August 28, 2019

    Great potential for telemedicine in the future


    Real time data and home treatment have created excellent results for patients, which show the big potential of digital treatment in the future, writes Business Insights. 

    In an article from Jyllands Posten's supplementary newspaper Business Insights, the potential of telemedicine is brought into focus. The new digital channels allow real time care for patients outside the hospital and the medical clinic. Already today, patients with COPD, diabetes and heart disease receive treatment at home using telemedicine.

    “Telemedicine creates a solid foundation for patients to have a better course of diseases because patients can receive treatment in a safe and comfortable setting at home. There is also a great potential in prevention, however the potential has not yet been fulfilled,” explains Claus Kjærgaard Andersen from the software company Systematic.

    Read the full article about the potential and collaboration with telemedicine here (only in Danish).