Nurse handling x-ray scanner

    March 2, 2020

    New EHR system for the North Denmark Region in 2022


    In March 2022, the hospitals in the North Denmark Region are getting a new electronic health record (EHR) system.

    In Spring 2022, healthcare personnel in the North Denmark Region will be able to use Systematic’s electronic health record system Columna, which in the region is being called NordEPJ.

    Michael Braüner Schmidt, medical director at Aalborg University Hospital and chair of the Program Steering Group for NordEPJ, says in a press release that everyone at the hospitals in northern Denmark are looking forward to working with NordEPJ.

    In deciding when to implement the solution, it was very important to give staff enough time to become familiar with the electronic health record system before moving to the New Aalborg University Hospital.

    Klaus Larsen, CIO at North Denmark Region, says that NordEPJ supports the procedures at the clinics, among other things by opening up new treatment possibilities, including patient pathways involving telemedicine, mobile solutions and video consultations.

    Even though NordEPJ is a standard health record, it will be possible for North Denmark Region to customise it.  For this purpose, 150-200 clinicians representing a wide range of fields have been involved in helping to decide the design of the user interface.

    North Denmark Region has already been using two of Columna’s five clinical information modules for several years, for booking and medication.

    The entire article from the periodical Sundhedspolitisk Tidsskrift can be found in Danish here.