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    April 30, 2020

    North Denmark Region and EHR on track despite COVID-19


    Currently, the North Denmark Region is preparing the switch to Systematic's EHR system, Columna Clinical Information System. During the change, problems with resources being under pressure for both parties had led to an extended clarification phase, which in turn has led to a far more processed timetable, according to office manager Kristian Alstrup Baden.

    During the next couple of years, the North Denmark Region is implementing its new electronic health record, which will contribute to a more digitised treatment of patients. This Spring, the project has moved from the clarification phase to the preparation phase, but during this time, the North Denmark Region as well as Systematic have been pressed on resources.

    This was caused by additional work with the contract, as the North Denmark Region acquired Systematic’s EHR system through an option in the contract between the Region of Southern Denmark and Systematic for the same EHR system. For the North Denmark Region, it has taken more time to get to know the contract and differences between the two regions. This has required Systematic and the North Denmark Region to clarify their expectations and reach a common understanding.

    The process ended up adding another month to the clarification phase, however it also made more thorough work with the timetable possible. According to office manager Kristian Alstrup Baden, this time has been well spent.

    In March 2020, the preparation phase was initiated. Though the challenges regarding resources are resolved, the current COVID-19 crisis can become a problem for the progress of the project. Involving clinicians in the process is crucial, but it is yet unknown to which extent the clinical personnel can be involved during the COVID-19 crisis.

    For now, the plan is for the region’s new EHR system to be ready for use in March 2022.

    The full article is available in Danish here.