Business presentation

    February 11, 2020

    Collaborations creates the best solutions


    In developing IT solutions that support the health sector, close collaboration with clinicians and researchers is needed, accordring to Health Care Director Mikkel Harbo from Systematic. The profit generated by the resulting solutions is reinvested in more innovation.

    Systematic has been developing hospital IT solutions for more than 20 years. The solutions are developed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals and universities, which is essential for the success of the solutions.

    One example is Columna Service Logistics, which has been developed through a public-private partnership for the benefit of stakeholders such as the health sector, patients, society at large – and Systematic.

    Supported by Innovation Fund Denmark, in 2012 Systematic initiated a comprehensive research project in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University and Aalborg University Hospital. The research project resulted in solutions for service logistics and an IoT platform which support the service department at Aalborg University Hospital and optimise workflows. Using a smartphone, hospital porters can see where tasks and colleagues are located, and use this information to choose their tasks based on proximity and priority. During the development of the solutions, the hospital provided know-how on the hospital porters’ workflows, while Aarhus University has contributed the tracking technology which is integrated in the solution.

    Today, Columna Service Logistics is used at several hospitals around the world, and customers are very happy with the solution. At Systematic, customer satisfaction has a bearing on job satisfaction, as our daily work is all about making a difference and addressing the challenges facing society through digitalisation. In addition, the unions are finding that working conditions have improved for their members, with greater co-determination in their work.

    A share of the profit generated by Systematic from the solutions is reinvested in more innovation in order to solve other challenges facing society.