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January 17, 2022

Systematic is ready to elevate hospital logistics in the Netherlands

The Dutch public healthcare institution UMC Utrecht has signed a contract with Systematic and will soon be utilising the IoT platform to improve their hospital logistics.


One of the largest public healthcare institutions in the Netherlands, University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) has just started a new collaboration with Systematic. The purpose is to improve hospital logistics by utilising smart technology from the Internet of Things, IoT. Systematic’s IoT platform enables asset tracking with the solution Columna Flow Search & Find and increase the real-time tracking of hospital equipment such as devices, beds or even people. The solution also supports advanced process support by creating notifications triggered by tracking and status events.

In a hospital with more than 1,100 beds and approximately 12,000 employees, the need for efficient logistics is essential. The Search & Find solution combined with an extensive IoT platform will be tailored to fit UMC Utrecht’s specific requirements and current challenges. As a result, the solution will free up time for hospital staff by quickly enabling them to trace devices, such as wheelchairs or infusion pumps.

Senior Consultant on the project, Jacob Gade, looks forward to helping elevate the hospital logistic at UMC Utrecht:

“We are very excited about the project and have been working with UMC Utrecht for the last 2 years. I especially look forward to following the project and tracking the development that we know our solution can benefit with.”

The project originates from a previous pilot run at the Children’s Hospital in Utrecht called Project UFOund: Improving Hospital Logistics with IoT running. Here, many great companies took part in optimising the hospital logistics motivated by the challenge of keeping track of hospital assets in a fast-paced environment. But by the end, Systematic presented the best solution to support UMC Utrecht.

The collaboration has just started and the solutions for UMC Utrecht will be tailored to their specific requirements and current challenges.

Facts about UMC Utrecht

  • One of the largest public health care institutions in the Netherlands
  • UMCU is the largest employer in the region
  • Approx. 12,000 employees
  • 1,100 beds