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September 19, 2022

8 of the world’s best hospitals use Systematic’s software

Aarhus University Hospital uses Systematic’s software solutions and is the best ranked Danish hospital on the World’s Best Smart Hospitals 2023 list. In Europe, the hospital is only surpassed by Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden, also a user of Systematic’s solutions, and Charité – Berlin University of Medicine, in Germany.

The American magazine, Newsweek, has in cooperation with the Statista statistics portal created a ranked list of the smartest hospitals in the world, based on which hospitals make the best use of the most advanced technologies. The World’s Best Smart Hospitals list ranks the leading 300 hospitals from 28 different countries, looking at among other things artificial intelligence, robot technology, telemedicine, virtual reality, and the use of data driven information sharing. Karolinska University Hospital, Aarhus University Hospital and Aalborg University hospital has been placed in the top 25. Together with 5 others on the list, they use Systematic’s software for their day-to-day running and planning.

The ranking process is based on three main steps: international online research, international hospital research and desk research. The selection started with international online research, where hospital management and medical staff have been able to recommend hospitals worldwide in the field. Thereafter the hospitals achievements were assessed by international peers.

Aarhus University hospital is making it to the top

What sets the leading hospitals apart, is their ability to constantly innovate while staying focused on what matters most: improving patient care. The key to maintaining a hospital’s top status and progress in a world where the older generation outnumbers the working age, and thus puts more strain on hospitals, is to drive innovation continuously.

Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) is one of the hospitals taking this advice to heart and that has paid off, as it is now number 16 worldwide and number 3 in Europe.

"It is a noble reward for the fact that we have worked purposefully over many years to introduce digital solutions and to create coherence between the systems in order to increase the safety of the patients and to support the staff's workflows. I am extremely proud that we as a hospital have once again been recognized for being among the best in the world for introducing and utilizing digital solutions and modern technology for patient treatment," says hospital director Poul Blaabjerg in an AUH press release.

The hospital has long worked actively with the development of the electronic health record (EHR), and today it uses Systematic's EHR system, Columna CIS. This forms the platform for their patient record system “MidtEPJ” and also for the EHR systems in Region Southern Denmark and Region North Jutland.

"In connection with the merger of Aarhus University Hospital in recent years, we have used digital solutions to gain an overview and manage patient flow and logistics in a large hospital, and we have intensified our use of data, so that today we largely base management on data,” says chief consultant Lars Ganzhorn Knudsen in the press release from Aarhus University Hospital.

Databased comparison worldwide

The 2023 list represents data from a total of 28 countries. The aim of the study is to provide a comparison of hospital reputation and results across all countries.

Ranking of hospitals that use Systematic's solutions:
• No. 9: Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden
• No. 16: Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark
• No. 22: Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark
• No. 35: Oslo University Hospital, Norway
• No. 108: UMC Utrecht, Netherlands
• No. 124: Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark
• No. 215 Päijänne Tavastia Central Hospital, Finland
• No. 235: Odense University Hospital, Denmark


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