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April 20, 2023

New solution ensures better cross-sector collaboration with real-time record data

The Municipality of Herning, the Central Region of Denmark, and Systematic join forces in a project aimed at ensuring coherent patient care and cross-sectoral collaboration. The purpose with the project is to give the municipality's health professionals the best possible conditions for providing a better service to the citizens.

Both hospitals and municipal healthcare are under pressure due to the increase in the number of elderly citizens, combined with a general shortage of healthcare professionals. A part of the solution to solving this challenge is an increased focus on ensuring a more understanding and coherent healthcare service. The key is better interaction and cooperation between the sectors.


Improved patient treatment

Herning Municipality and the Central Denmark Region are trialling Systematic's new solution, Columna Axon, in a pilot project where healthcare professionals will get a better opportunity to provide the best treatment thanks to insights into a citizen's medical record data in real time.

"We have a strong focus on continuity of care for our patients and citizens, and this new solution will make it faster for our employees to continue the treatment that has started at the hospitals and help prevent readmissions," says Dorte West (V), mayor in Herning Municipality in a press release (in Danish) issued by Herning Municipality and Central Denmark Region.

The solution gives staff insights and offers them a tool that is targeted at different user types and professional groups, such as home nurses and therapists. The expectation is that staff will reduce the time spent on phone calls and disruptions between different support providers. At the same time, the hope is that the result will have a knock-on effect on citizens, allowing them to experience the healthcare system as more understanding and coherent.

The solution is initially targeted at healthcare professionals in municipalities, who will now be able to see all relevant data from the electronic health record at the region's hospital in real time. The next step in the project is to ensure that staff at the hospitals also have access to see the municipal care processes and records.

Read more about the expectations for Columna Axon in the press release from Herning Municipality and Region Midtjylland (in Danish).

What is Columna Axon?

Columna Axon is key to connecting sectors, regions and municipalities and enables real-time access to data across the interconnected healthcare system. The name derives from Latin, where Axon is the name of the nerve fibres that connect neurons and allows for neurons or nerve cells to communicate to other nerve cells, glands or muscles in the brain.

The goal of Columna Axon is to:

  • Support easy, manageable, and quick access to real-time hospital healthcare data
  • Ensure a quick overview and searchability to all professional groups' clinical documentation
  • Strengthen professional collaboration across sectors and contribute to improved communication with citizens and better insight into their healthcare