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Utilising emerging technologies that offer unprecedented opportunities, we strive to build the healthcare IT of the future

    Building the healthcare IT of tomorrow

    • Ecosystems
    • Smart technologies
    • Data science
    • Operational technologies
    • Mobile technologies
    • Cyber security

    Our advanced solutions within health IT are built on the newest technology, allowing us to continuously challenge what we do and think ahead so that we now and in the future can offer our customers a knowledge-based and technological edge.


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    In a healthcare enterprise, the many different types of systems from multiple vendors add to the complexity of the system landscape. However, the maturity of integration standards, e.g. HL7 FHIR, and technologies such as microservices enable new ways to create and govern healthcare enterprise architectures.

    At Systematic, we have embraced this new way of thinking and built an open ecosystem where a solid foundation on microservices ­– to ensure data integrity and coherence – gives customers the freedom to grow their enterprise in a controlled environment. Our advanced solutions within healthcare IT support the continuum of care for patients, relatives, and staff. Our goal is to build a world-class ecosystem that allows partners to contribute with specialized and innovative applications which compliments and adds to the overall it-support of the clinical processes and workflows.

    Smart technologies

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    Smart technologies connect the world around us. Data from different types of wearable or stationary sensors, cameras or other smart technologies are becoming increasingly important to prevent disease, detect early signs of illness, and monitor patients in hospitals or in their own home. Even wearable consumer devices are becoming increasingly more accurate – to the point, where an ECG monitor in a smart-watch can prevent serious illness.

    At Systematic, we have already built a strong Internet-of-Things (IOT) platform harnessing the strengths of Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS) of objects, e.g. devices, beds or even people. We now explore a range of possibilities in the realm of smart technologies, including capturing and utilising data from smart sensors and wearables combined with more traditional medical device integration. Our goal is to build a state-of-the-art and a specialized IOT platform that will leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide next level decision support to caregivers.

    Data science

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    With the rise of new technologies, we are able to automatically capture a variety of data from medical devices, medical and care records, workflow solutions etc. All which can significantly improve patient care pathways and prevent, diagnose, or treat serious illness if handled correctly.

    At Systematic, we develop our solutions with a data mindset, utilising international standards with an open architecture. This allows us to apply state-of-the-art technologies such as Knowledge Graphs and Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) algorithms, providing easy-to-read context-based patient summaries and high quality decision support or workload forecasts to optimise the care pathways.

    Operational technologies

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    With the emergence of new technologies for effective, scalable and secure operations of complex it-systems, cloud capabilities can now be built into IT infrastructures, creating cloud vendor agnostic setups.

    At Systematic, we want to ensure effective, secure and scalable operation of mission critical healthcare applications through a container-based cloud and technolog- agnostic platform using Kubernetes. We call this the Synergy platform. Furthermore, we have made sure that our products are accredited to run securely on national healthcare networks such as SWAN, N3, and DK-SDN.

    Mobile technologies

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    Healthcare professionals need to be able to move around hassle free and take their IT solutions with them wherever they go. Mobile devices are becoming more and more accessible with high resolution screens and packed with computation power enabling new ways for users to interact with their IT.

    At Systematic, we want to support healthcare professionals in being there for their patients and spending as little time as possible on cumbersome administrative tasks. One of our core principles when designing new software is to think mobile first to ensure our users have a high degree of flexibility. We want to harness the computation power of modern mobile devices and leverage new technologies such as edge computing to ensure high performing mobile applications. Building on knowledge from our Defence domain, we continuously expand our unique offline capabilities, making our solutions independent from network infrastructures, to support our users in the best possible way – regardless of where they are.

    Cyber security

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    The increasing digitalization of society means that more and more personal and health information is recorded, stored, and used across IT systems. Our health information is some of the most valuable and sensitive information – and it must be protected.

    It is of paramount for Systematic to ensure that our software is resilient and secure. We employ leading code analysis technology to guarantee our software is hardened against cyber threats. We design software with a security mindset based on core concepts from GDPR, e.g. privacy by design and privacy by default. Security is built into the code and our processes to ensure that our software can be trusted by both healthcare professionals, patients, citizens, and their relatives.