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We know the field

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Systematic's business unit for Intelligence & National Security delivers solutions, services and know-how for surveillance, prevention, analysis, threat assessment and crisis handling.

For more than 20 years, Systematic has supplied secure mission-critical solutions to national security customers. From our business unit for Intelligence & National Security we deliver solutions, services and know-how to intelligence, emergency and law enforcement.

Competent partner

Combining our profound knowledge of situational awareness and systems integration with our proven project model, we help our national security customers optimise workflows, improve efficiency, reduce cost and improve flexibility by using secure standard products. All within our documented ability to deliver on time and budget.

Security - in several ways

For many years, Systematic has been a strategic advisor as well as a supplier of special IT solutions for law enforcement bodies, emergency services and national intelligence services. Our staff and facilities have all relevant security clearances and we are capable of working on-site if security requires.

From our long track record of supplying secure classified solutions we believe security is best catered for at the design time, and supported pervasively throughout a solution. Our services support our customers' ability to protect critical business assets even in complex integrations and networked solutions.

Adding our experience in supporting law and accreditation standards for classified and non-classified secure solutions, we can ensure right-sizing security within time and budget.

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